L’burg Grant Program Sending Out $3M

Posted On January 03, 2014

Press release from City of Lawrenceburg


(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – Lawrenceburg City Council put the final stamp of approval on over $3 million in grant funds for 11 different entities at a council meeting Monday, December 30th.   


Among the grants approved at the most recent meeting were for companies:  Proximo Distillers, Ivy Tech Community College and Polycraft Products and those for municipalities included:  The City of Batesville, Dearborn County, Greendale Redevelopment, Aurora Redevelopment, Dearborn County Planning Studies, Franklin County Redevelopment and the Town of Brookville.


Polycraft Products is relocating their manufacturing plant and corporate headquarters to Greendale and requested $250,000 to assist in relocation and construction of their new facility.  The program previously awarded $600,000 to this project, however, according to Polycraft’s application, “this request is for the expansion of the original plan which increased the size of the facility, the speed of growth, additional plant equipment most importantly, the number of jobs for the program area.”  Polycraft’s request of $250,000 was approved for their nearly $5M project that commits to bring 56 jobs and 4 new jobs each year through 2020.


Proximo Distillers seeks to create 75 net new full time jobs and an investment of an additional $24M as they bring the packaging of the globally recognized Jose Cuervo line of products from their current location in Maryland to Indiana.  The requested amount of $1M was approved by the RED grant selection committee and subsequently approved by Lawrenceburg City Council.  Project completion is slated for June 2014.


Ivy Tech Community College seeks to expand their current facilities in Lawrenceburg to house a Manufacturing Training Lab and was approved for an initial $300,000 grant for their $6M project that will lead to “attracting new business and industry…general economic development for the area with new tax base, higher paying jobs, increased employment, housing needs expansion, and an overall quality of life development for individuals in the area.”, according to Ivy Tech’s application.


The Town of Osgood sponsored an application for a $6.5M project for WIOSUN USA.  WIOSUN promised to bring 20 full-time employees to southeast Indiana for its operation to market finished solar panels directly to the US, Canada, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean. The selection committee tabled the requested funds of $900,000 and suggested they provide more supporting documentation.  


The Community Mental Health Center, Inc. requested $100,000 for a Transitional Residential Facility to be located in Dearborn County Hospital.  This application was tabled until it receives the necessary sponsorship from the Lawrenceburg Redevelopment Commission.  This project was awarded a grant by the Division of Mental Health and Addictions and Dearborn County Hospital is donating the space.  The facility will require the hiring of 9 staff members (5 FT, 4 PT) in 2014 and projected to add 2 full-time and 1 part-time in 2015.


The City of Aurora requested $300,000 and was approved for $100,000 for their $1.7M project that includes acquisition and development of industrial and manufacturing sites and a historical downtown revitalization project.  The City of Aurora was encouraged to apply in 2014 once their projects were more defined.


A $1M request was approved for $500,000 to the City of Batesville for a $3.4M infrastructure improvement that will upgrade roads and utilities to a new industrial park to entice new industries to the Batesville Commerce Center.


Greendale Redevelopment was awarded their requested amount of $42,000 toward their efforts to further the cooperative county-wide economic develop efforts, including business retention and expansion, and recruitment to further increase the tax base, retention of existing jobs and addition of new jobs.


A $100,000 grant was approved for the Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission’s (DCRD) effort to forge partnerships across all six redevelopment commissions within Dearborn County to establish a county Economic Development Assistant/Liason.  According to DCRD’s application, this position will “provide administrative support and coordination activities in support of the various redevelopment commissions across the county.”


The Dearborn County Commissioners requested $450,000 for a visioning and planning study.  The proposed process includes a collaborative county-wide initiative together to create a quantifiable, visual, and realistic plan for economic growth.  This project was approved for $400,000 by the selection committee and further reduced to $270,000 following city council’s vote. 


Franklin County Redevelopment proposed and was approved for their $126,000 budget to facilitate economic development in 2014 that includes $50,000 in comprehensive and strategic planning. 


The Town of Brookville was approved for their requested award amount of $300,000 to obtain a secondary strategic investment study.  According to their application, “the town of Brookville is working in conjunction with the Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) to prepare a comprehensive plan for economic development in Brookville.  This important follow-up study will allow the town of Brookville to determine what specific projects identified in the new comprehensive plan are the most critical to the town’s future success.  After obtaining that study, remaining funds would then be used by the Brookville Redevelopment Commission to implement projects called for in the comprehensive plan and the strategic investment study.”


A total of 16 applications were submitted in 2013 to RED Grant Program.


Earlier in 2013, the RED grant selection committee awarded $1.86M in grants to Cummins, Sunbright America and Siemers Milling for $200,000, $260,000 and $1.4M respectively.


Another application received from the SE Indiana Port Authority earlier in 2013 was not approved by the council.


The application process has become more competitive and the RED grant committee has heightened the integrity of the program by strengthening the standards and transparency of the approval process.  The committee has engaged the efforts and expertise of the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC) as well as Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC).


As a result of such improved standards, the application process now requires applications to be vetted through a sponsoring agency, followed by a financial review performed by the ISBDC.  The vetted applications and financial reports are reviewed by the selection committee who use the mission of the program as a guiding principle for basing decisions on funding.


Greendale Redevelopment Director, Al Abdon had the following to say about the program:  “On behalf of the City of Greendale, the Greendale Redevelopment Commission, the Dearborn County Visioning Steering Committee, all of our Grant Recipients, and me personally, I want to express our sincere gratitude (and a great big thank you!) for all of your past support, and your ongoing cooperation in helping to re-shape of our little corner of the world.  You guys are doing great things and we all certainly appreciate your efforts, and your generosity.”


Mayor Carr stated:  “We are proud of the resulting positive economic impact this program has had on the region as well as the implementation of a more thorough selection process.”