Local Teen Band To Appear On RFD-TV

Posted On January 04, 2012

Press release from Jennifer Eliason


Jet Set



(Undated) – Sadie Loveland, Tori Little, Justen Jette and Avery Eliason of the band JetSetGetSet will be heading for Nashville this January to perform on season 2 of RFD-TV’s Shotgun Red Variety Show


“We’re a little nervous, and a LOT excited,” says Little.  She and Loveland are freshman at South Dearborn High School.  Jette, a guitarist in the back-up band called JetFuel, is in 8th grade at South Dearborn Middle School. Eliason is an 8th grader at Greendale Middle School.


“We would love to have some hometown support in the audience,” says Loveland.  “When we say we’re from Lawrenceburg, Indiana, it would be so cool if like half the audience screamed.”


“Yeah, we don’t want to hear crickets,” laughs Eliason.


Admission to the television studio audience is free.  The show will be taped at the General Jacksons Showboat in Nashville, TN on Tuesday, January 24.  The doors open to the public at 11am, and taping will run from noon to 4pm.


On missing school to perform, the girls have mixed feelings.  “Some people might think its fun to miss school to go sing, but we still have to do our school work on the road.  I like it better when our performances happen after school,” says Little.


“My teachers are awesome…they are very supportive of JetSetGetSet, as long as I get my work done and keep my grades up,” says Eliason.  “My math teacher, Mrs. McDonald says there are some lessons that can’t be taught in a classroom.”  Indeed.  This is the girl’s second performance on live national television.  In November they traveled to Wisconsin to appear on the Mollie B. Polka Party.  That episode will air this month on RFD-TV.  Most recently the girls performed at Redsfest in Cincinnati as finalists in the Cincinnati’s Got Talent competition.  Not bad for 14-year-olds.


You can check out music videos of their original songs on their website, www.jetsetgetset.com.