Local Three-Year-Old’s Funhouse Flip Goes Viral

Posted On July 31, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

(Ripley County, Ind.) – Video of a local child’s half-hearted attempt to complete a funhouse obstacle is garnering national attention.

Ciera Ison, of Milan, took her daughter Aniah and stepson Rowen to the Ripley County 4-H Fair on Wednesday, July 23. One of the three-year-olds’ favorite attractions was the funhouse with the final obstacle of a vortex tunnel.

The family had made some successful trips through the funhouse before, but this time, as Ciera explains, she allowed the kids to try and get through on their own. She hit record on her cell phone camera. What happens next is cute, funny, and scary all at once.

Aniah sits on the rotating tube, grabs on with both hands, and does not let go even as the tube takes her completely around upside down. One the way down, Aniah slid and had a short fall out of the tunnel.

After checking on her child – she was unharmed, but also a little intimidated and exited the funhouse by backtracking to the entrance – Ciera watched the video.

“I was surprised I captured as much as I did.” She then uploaded it to her Facebook page.

The video went viral almost immediately. As it reached 300 shares on Facebook, Ciera decided on Thursday, July 24 to upload it to YouTube. By Monday it had reached one million views. As of Thursday afternoon, July 31, it is at well over 1.5 million.

Aniah’s antics have also been featured on Fox News Channel, Good Morning America, and The Talk.

Comments left on the video’s YouTube page accuse Ciera of being a bad parent (other comments were far more crude). She explains that Aniah was up and back down before she knew what to do.

“I’m very glad she didn’t get hurt,” Ciera explains to Eagle 99.3. “I’m not a sheltering parent, but that doesn’t make me a bad parent.”

The mother – engaged to be married to Denny Mayes – is now taking the criticism in stride and remembering the episode as a memory she and Aniah will always have.

“She saw herself on TV and she wanted to do it again,” Ciera said.