Local Veteran In Middle Of Viral Video Controversy

Posted On March 07, 2016

By Mike Perleberg


A southeast Indiana Korean War veteran is shown shoving a woman at a March 1 rally for presidential candidate Donald Trump in Louisville, Kentucky. Screengrab from YouTube.

(Aurora, Ind.) – A man with Dearborn County ties is under investigation for an altercation that occurred at a Donald Trump rally in Louisville, Kentucky.

The video – which has gone viral – shows a man in a Korean War Veterans outfit repeatedly shoving a black woman at Trump’s Super Tuesday rally on March 1 at the Kentucky International Convention Center. The man and others in the crowd are heard shouting at the woman.

Other videos of the altercation plainly captured the face of Al Bamberger, as well as the organization on his shirt. It reads “Korean War Veterans Chapter 4 Southeastern Indiana Aurora”.

The woman being shoved was Shiya Nwanguma, a student at the University of Louisville, who was reportedly there to protest against Trump.

It’s unclear what exactly led to the altercation. A spokesman for Louisville Metropolitan Police Department said Monday that numerous reports have been made from the March 1 rally, however, no formal charges have been filed as the reports remain under investigation. The department is familiar with the video in which Bamberger appears, the spokesman said.

Bamberger told Eagle Country 99.3 by phone Monday that he will be releasing a letter sharing his perspective on the events seen in the video.

Larry Kinard, president of the Korean War Veterans Association, said Monday that the viral video has been brought to the organization’s attention. Kinard wouldn’t name the veteran shown in the video, but said he is a member of the Southeastern Indiana Chapter 4.

“I understand that there is more to it than meets the eye, but we really haven’t found out what it was all about at this point,” Kinard said.

The organization may have an official statement issued later Monday.

Consequences have already befallen another man seen shoving Nwanguma in the same video. Joseph Pryor, of Corydon, Indiana, was booted Friday from the U.S. Marine Corps’ delayed entry program for his role in the harassment and assault. The Corps stress that Pryor was not a Marine.