LPS 2nd Graders Make Busting Bullies Fun

Posted On April 21, 2017

By Mike Perleberg

Lawrenceburg Primary School 2nd grade students and adult community members huddle to devise an answer at the Bully Busters Bowl on Friday, April 21. Organizer Tisha Linza stands to the left (with microphone). Photo provided.

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – Stopping bullying is serious business for schools, but it is also fun at Lawrenceburg Primary School.

The school’s second grade students participated in the sixth annual Bully Busters Bowl on Friday, April 21.

“They learn how to solve issues on their own that you might encounter in class, on the playground, even outside of school. They learn how to positively handle that. They also learn that if they can’t handle a situation to always get a trusted adult to help them,” explains principal Tammy Gregory.

In this friendly competition, each group of students is given a bullying question or vignette. They would then devise and share an appropriate response to a panel of judges, who would award the group with between one and five points.

A number of community members – police, firefighters, mayors, judges, and others – were there to participate in the Bully Busters Bowl, aiding students with their answers.

“They are mentors and they are very supportive of our school. We had a lot of team mentors helping the classes give their answers. We also had lifelines like ‘Ask a Caregiver’, where we have grandparents and parents come in,” said Tisha Linzy, who developed the Bully Busters club for LPS second graders several years ago.

Gregory said the bowl is an opportunity for students to see positive role models from the community and aspire to them.

Mrs. Wilson’s class was the winner Friday. The class will receive a free pizza party, courtesy of United Community Bank.

The second graders meet in their Bully Busters groups three to four times per month to work together on developing strategies to meet bullying challenges.

“We really practice these scenarios through the year so that they are becoming good problem solvers and they can be Bully Busters all year long,” said Gregory.

E.G. McLaughlin of United Community Bank (standing at left) with the Bully Busters Bowl winners, Miss Kelsie Wilson’s 2nd grade class. Photo provided.