Man Allegedly Threatens To Kill Family

Posted On March 27, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

Dwayne Breakiron, Jr.

Dwayne Breakiron, Jr.

(Aurora, Ind.) – Police say a man ordered a woman to help him find a rifle clip so that he could kill the victim and her two young children.

Aurora Chief of Police Josh Daugherty says the victim arrived at her home the evening of Friday, March 14 to find the suspect, Dwayne G. Breakiron, Jr. outside the home. With her two children in her car with her, she didn’t want to get out and remained in the vehicle hoping that Breakiron, 23, of Dillsboro, would go away.

At one point, Breakiron began to move towards the car. The victim began to drive away, but Breakiron allegedly jumped onto the vehicle and held on. He eventually got off and the woman left to go to a friend’s house.

Later that night, the woman and her children returned to their home. Breakiron returned early the next morning, Saturday, March 15, and entered the residence as the family was sleeping.

“Dwayne came into the bedroom where they were sleeping and made the victim get out of bed. The victim said that Dwayne took her to her living room and showed her a long gun and bullets and threatened to kill them all,” said Daugherty, adding that the gun was a .22 rifle.

The children backed up their mother’s claims when questioned by investigators.

Breakiron allegedly tried to force the victim to help him find the clip so that he could kill them all, Daugherty said. He allegedly stole the woman’s phone so that the police could not be called.

Police say Breakiron also threatened to strangle the children’s pet chinchilla.

Breakiron is charged with Burglary, Intimidation with a Deadly Weapon, Criminal Mischief, and Interference with Reporting a Crime. He was booked into the Dearborn County Jail at about 12:30 Thursday morning, March 27.