Mayor: Harrison Is Compliant With Sunshine Law

Posted On September 16, 2013

By Mike Perleberg


(Harrison, Oh.) – The Mayor of Harrison is firing back at the Ohio State Auditor.


Eagle 99.3 told you Friday that Ohio Auditor David Yost listed Harrison among several cities and counties which were not in compliance with Ohio’s Sunshine Laws concerning the keeping and availability of public records.


Mayor Joel McGuire told The Harrison Press that Yosts’ news release posted on the Ohio State Auditor’s website is “patently false” concerning Harrison. McGuire insists that that the city is compliant.


In a written statement to the newspaper, McGuire said that had the auditor asked him or any other person in city government, for at least the last six years Harrison’s law director and law department have had official responsibility for handling public records’ requests, and keeps track of when the requests are received and met.


“We’ve met all legal requirements for record-keeping. It’s disappointing, in this day and age of multiple easy methods of communication, that a state auditor would print such flagrant, false allegations when in fact the problem was that he didn’t even ask us who had these duties. Dave’s just got to do better,” McGuire said.


The mayor said that when a record request is made, the city attorney responds with confirmation of the receipt of the request and in what time frame the request can be fulfilled. When the record is given to the person who requested it, that person then signs for it.




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