McMillin Earns 100% On Voting Record From Manufacturers

Posted On April 07, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

State Rep. Jud McMillin file photo

State Rep. Jud McMillin
file photo

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – One local lawmaker gets a perfect score on his 2014 voting record by the Indiana Manufacturer’s Association.

The association recently released its voting scorecard for the 2014 legislative session. State Representative Jud McMillin (R-Brookville) was one of just three House members to receive a 100 percent score for both the 2013 and 2014 sessions.

State Rep. Cindy Zeimke (R-Batesville) received scores of 94 and 95 percent in 2013 and 2014, respectively. Randy Frye (R-Greensburg) earned an 89 percent both years.

In the Senate, Senator Johnny Nugent (R-Lawrenceburg) received scores of 88 and 89 percent. Sen. Allen Paul (R-Richmond), rated at 94 percent in 2013, scored 84 percent in 2014 from the association.

Key legislation identified by the IMA in determining the scores included those supporting restrictions on state environmental regulatory authority, personal property tax reform, a reduction in the corporate income tax rate, ethics and competency standards for county assessors, an opt-out of the Energizing Indiana energy efficiency program.

IMA President Patrick J. Kiely said the short session in 2014 was a good one for the state’s manufacturers, who represent an industry accounting for more than 28 percent of Indiana’s gross domestic product.

“The reduction of the corporate income tax rate to 4.9 percent in 2022, a 20-year ‘super abatement’ for new business personal property, and a county option to exempt all new business personal property from taxation, are all positive developments for our growing manufacturing sector.”

During the past two sessions, Republicans heavily outscored Democrats in the IMA’s view. In the Senate, Republicans average 93 percent approval compared to 60 percent for Democrats. In the House, Republicans scored 94 percent on average while Democrats were rated at just 38 percent.