Messer Among Republicans Voting Against $1.2 Trillion Spending Bill

Posted On September 15, 2017

By Mike Perleberg

Indiana 6th District Congressman Luke Messer (R). C-SPAN image.

(Washington) – Southeastern Indiana U.S. Congressman Luke Messer voted against a $1.2 trillion government funding bill which has divided Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Despite Messer’s vote, House Resolution 3354 passed the House anyway with a 211-198 vote.

Messer called the bill “business as usual in Washington.”

“Republicans have the White House, Senate and House, yet too often, we’re still doing business the same old way,” the 6th District Republican said in a statement. “This massive funding bill spends $1.2 trillion and is over 1,300 pages long. The legislation contained several good provisions that I support, but we can’t keep doing things the same way and expect different results. These measures should have been debated and voted on one at a time, with 12 different bills, not bundled together and jammed though in one giant piece of legislation.  I voted no because the process is broken, and it’s well past time to fix it.”

Northern Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie also voted against the legislation, but southwest Ohio’s Steve Chabot voted to pass it. Both are also Republicans.

GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan praised passage of the spending package. In a Capitol news conference, Ryan called it a big day after the House approved a dozen annual spending bills. He noted that it was done on time for the first time since 2009.

The spending bill now heads to the Senate, where it faces a much tougher chance of passing due to procedural vote blockages by Democrats. Congress has passed a spending patch, H.R. 601, that will continue funding the federal government at current levels through December 8.