MGP Ingredients Distillery Earns “A” In Safety Audit

Posted On May 14, 2014

Press release from MGP Ingredients

(Atchison, Kan.) – MGP’s Lawrenceburg, Ind., distillery has been awarded a Grade A certification rating by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). The rating was preceded by a three-day audit of the distillery’s operations and is at the top of the BRC’s A, B, C and D rating scale. This same rating was awarded to the company’s Atchison, Kan., distillery this past November. Additionally, MGP’s protein and starch operations in Atchison have been BRC certified annually since 2011.

“In responding to alcohol customer requests, both domestically and globally, that MGP be certified before the end of 2014, we feel it is a great accomplishment that the Lawrenceburg certification was successful on the first attempt and in the first quarter of the year,” said David Whitmer, corporate director of quality, research & development and innovation. “With all operations across our corporate complex now BRC certified, customers are provided increased assurance and confidence that MGP is committed to food and beverage safety for consumers around the world,” he added.

Randy Schrick, interim co-chief executive officer, vice president of engineering and master distiller, stated: “To earn the BRC’s top certification rating following initial audits at each of our facilities is an impressive feat. This says a great deal about the conscientious efforts of our personnel to establish and maintain high quality operations dedicated to the production of safe, world-class consumable products. Such an achievement translates to a strong positive message throughout the food and beverage industries that MGP is genuinely dedicated to providing the best.”

The BRC food and beverage safety audit is an approved standard under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The GFSI benchmarks food and beverage safety standards for third-party audits that can be conducted and recognized worldwide.


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