MGPI Introduces Tanner’s Creek Blended Bourbon Whiskey

Posted On November 21, 2017

Press release from MGP Ingredients

Photo provided.

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – Crafted exclusively for the whiskey lovers in Indiana, Tanner’s Creek Blended Bourbon Whiskey is making its holiday debut throughout the state. “Made by Hoosiers for Hoosiers,” Tanner’s Creek is produced by MGP Ingredients’ distillery team in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and is crafted in one of the state’s oldest distilleries dating back more than 170 years. The name Tanner’s Creek comes from the waterway that has long been in service to transport grain, barrels and whiskey.

Tanner’s Creek Blended Bourbon Whiskey is a new release from MGP Ingredients, in Lawrenceburg (“Whiskey City”), Indiana. Introduced this fall, Tanner’s Creek reflects the distillery’s high-rye style of bourbon and mingles multiple whiskies to build layers of complexity. Not your typical blended bourbon whiskey, Tanner’s Creek starts with a combination of sweet and spicy notes with hints of vanilla and caramel. Full-bodied with fruit notes of apple, pear and raisin, Tanner’s Creek has a bold yet smooth finish.

“We are proud to offer Tanner’s Creek in Indiana to honor our state’s contribution to American distilled spirits,” says Andrew Mansinne, Vice President of Brands, MGP Ingredients. “From our years of experience in blending bourbons and other whiskeys, we know that combining different mash bills creates a product that is greater than the sum of its parts. We combined several of our bourbons and whiskeys to create Tanner’s Creek and to deliver a great taste experience.”

Celebrating Indiana heritage, Tanner’s Creek is a sponsor of the Indiana Forest Alliance and its commitment to preserving local forestry and biodiversity for generations to come. Packaged in a unique painted bottle, the label pays homage to the great state of Indiana. Tanner’s Creek retails for a suggested $34.99 per 750-ml bottle; 85 proof.