Milan Clinic Opening Was Perfect Timing For First Patient

Posted On July 02, 2014

Press release from Dearborn County Hospital


Deanna DeMotte (second from left) stops by Milan Primary Care to visit with and thank its staff comprised of (left to right) Medical Assistant Angela Hanson, Office Leader Bethany Dunn and Amy Works, Family Nurse Practitioner.  Ms. DeMotte, who was diagnosed with breast cancer recently, was Milan Primary Care’s first patient when the facility opened this year. Photo provided.

(Milan, Ind.) – The first patient to be seen at Milan Primary Care, which opened earlier this year, was Deanna G. DeMotte.  During her checkup at the center, Deanna was written an order for a diagnostic test, the results of which brought life-changing news to her and her family.

“At my office appointment, Amy Works, Milan Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner, wrote an order for me to have a diagnostic mammogram, which I had performed at the Dearborn County Hospital Breast Care Center,” Deanna began.  “The DCH Radiologists quickly discovered a lesion in my left breast, which was determined to be malignant.”

Dr. Mark McAndrew of Dearborn County Surgery performed a double mastectomy on Deanna in April, removing 11 lymph nodes, eight of which were cancerous.  In May, she began chemotherapy under the direction of Medical Oncologist Suzanne Partridge, M.D., at the Lawrenceburg office of Oncology/Hematology Care, Inc.  Radiation treatments will begin later this year at the same location.

Deanna is originally from Milan, but she and her husband, Jeff Ward, lived in nine states over four decades before his death in 2004.  Jeff worked for The Wendy’s Company and opened new Wendy’s and Pizza Hut restaurants in numerous cities.  For a time, Deanna taught special education classes in Louisiana.  Most recently, the family lived in Tempe, Arizona, where she finished her bachelor’s degree in sociology at Arizona State University.

In 2009, Deanna and her daughter, Laura German, returned to Milan to care for Deanna’s mother, Elda Gail Boone, until Mrs. Boone’s death at age 100 last November.

Deanna’s family is well known in the Milan area.  Elda Gail taught at Milan Elementary School for 31 years.  Deanna was a medical/surgical unit secretary at Dearborn County Hospital in the early 1960s. Her brother, Army Colonel Canfield “Buddy” Boone, died while working at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., when the building was struck by the hijacked plane on 9/11.

Since her breast cancer diagnosis, Deanna has met many caring healthcare professionals who are assisting in her journey to recovery.  “I was really impressed with Amy and all the staff at Milan Primary Care,” she explained. “They are not only my healthcare providers but also my friends.

“At the DCH Breast Care Center, Nurse Navigator Kelly Kemper, RN, FNP, has been incredibly kind and has provided me with a great deal of information about my surgery and follow-up treatments,” continued Deanna.  “Dr. Partridge is also very caring and takes time to answer questions and address concerns.  In addition, I learned that Beth Hyde, the owner of Tedesco’s Hair Repair in Moores Hill, is going to provide me with a free wig from the American Cancer Society.

“Everyone has been just wonderful,” Deanna said.  “They’re really on top of things.  I feel the need to reciprocate now and want to help others, both men and women, who are also experiencing breast cancer.”

“It’s always a good indicator of recovery when a patient such as Ms. DeMotte has a good outlook on life,” Mrs. Works added.  “We are very happy that we were able to play a small part in the detection of her cancer.”

Milan Primary Care is located at 124 W. Indian Trail (State Route 350).  Ms. Works is assisted at the facility by Bethany Dunn, Office Leader, and Angela Hanson, LPN, Medical Assistant.

To schedule an appointment with Milan Primary Care, please call 812/654-7037.  For more information about the Dearborn County Hospital Breast Care Center, please call 812/537-8383 or 800/676-5572, ext. 8383.  The Lawrenceburg office of Oncology/Hematology Care can be reached at 812/537-1911.