Nettles Gives State Fair Deposition

Posted On April 13, 2012

(Charleston, W.V.) – Sugarland lead singer Jennifer Nettles answered some of the questions posed to her in her deposition about the Indiana State Fair stage collapse, but not all. 


Attorney Carl Brizzi, who represents some of the victims, told WISH-TV in Indianapolis that Thursday’s civil lawsuit deposition was tense and tedious at times, with Nettles being instructed by her legal team to not respond to some inquiries. 


Nettles reportedly testified she was unaware she had any right to postpone or cancel the August concert due to the severe weather that blew over the stage rigging. 


Sugarland issued a statement following the deposition.


“In all the back-and-forth between the lawyers, the suggestion’s been made that we’ve somehow been trying to avoid having to answer questions about last summer’s terrible tragedy,” the statement read. “This is simply not true.”


The band vowed to be “as honest and open as we can” because they want all the facts to be known to the victims and their families.


“There is no one who wants to get to the bottom of what happened more than we do, which is why we’re ready, willing, and able to give these depositions today and tomorrow,” the band said.


Bandmate Kristian Bush will undergo his deposition Friday.


Seven people were killed and dozens more were hurt in the August 13 incident.




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