New Kentucky Laws Kick In Tuesday

Posted On July 15, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

The Kentucky Statehouse in Frankfort.

The Kentucky Statehouse in Frankfort.

(Undated) – More than 100 new laws take effect Tuesday in Kentucky.

The laws were passed during the 2014 General Assembly. The new rules kicked in at midnight, 90 days after state lawmakers adjourned their annual session.

Among the new laws is one that requires acupuncturists to be licensed while another creates an adult abuse registry. Also now expressly illegal is the practice of “up-skirting”, or using a cell phone to take pictures underneath a woman’s skirt without her consent.

Other laws introduced Tuesday will fast-track concealed-carry permits for domestic violence victims and create a registry of people convicted of abusing adults.

Some of the laws clarify or expand existing measures on the books. Senate Bill 7 will broaden the prescription writing authority of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. House Bill 90 will require parents or guardians to make a court appearance when a driver under 18 is cited for a traffic violation.

Medicinal marijuana – or at least a derivative of it – can be used for the first time. Senate Bill 124 allows physicians at the University of Kentucky and University of Louisville to provide marijuana oil to people who suffer from severe seizures.

Kentucky’s new “Boater Freedom Act” could affect boaters on the Ohio River and other waterways in the state. The law requires boating enforcement officers to have a reasonable suspicion of violation of the state’s boating laws before boarding and inspecting a boat.

A full rundown of all new laws in Kentucky passed in 2014 can be found at http://legiscan.com/KY/legislation/2014.