New Ky. Scrap Law Makes It Harder For Thieves

Posted On July 13, 2012

copper(Undated) – A new law in Kentucky makes it harder for thieves to sell stolen scrap metal, which police hope will reduce the frequency of such crimes.


House Bill 390 went into effect Thursday. The law was co-sponsored by State Rep. Sal Santoro (R-Florence).


Stolen downspouts, air conditioning units, and copper wiring often turn up at recycling centers where the crooks get quick cash in exchange, police say. The requirements of the new law will make tracking those thieves easier.


Recycling businesses must now pay sellers by a check mailed to an address provided by the seller, not cash, for certain items. The businesses will also have to keep records of restricted metal items (such as manhole covers, guardrails, traffic signs, etc.), video record the transactions, and reviews notices from law enforcement about recent metal thefts.


Sellers will be required to show a photo ID. The law also establishes a registration system and background checks for secondary metal recyclers.


The Boone County Sheriff’s Office has been one of the state leaders in stopping scrap thefts by establishing a scrap metal task force last year.