New Leadership At Ind. Dept. of Revenue

Posted On April 16, 2012

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has named a new person to head the state Department of Revenue following some high-dollar mistakes by the department.


Three department leaders including the department commissioner and chief financial officer were either terminated or resigned this month after a $206 million accounting mistake resulted in counties being shorted payments.


That discovery came after an even larger $320 million programming error affecting the state general fund. That mistake was uncovered during an audit in December.


Mike Alley is the new department of revenue commissioner. He is the president of the Indiana State University Board of Trustees.


Alley served as the president and CEO of Fifth Third Bank of Central Indiana in Indianapolis from 1989 through 2002. 2009 he was named interim chairman and CEO of Integra Bank Corporation in Evansville, a position he held until 2011. Currently, he is the chairman and owner of Patriot Investments, LLC.


Alley will replace current department commissioner John Eckart, who has resigned but is still with the department to assist with the transition.


Mike Ashley, a 30 year CFO, will take that position. He was the deputy director and chief financial officer for Indiana Department of Child Services during the time DCS moved the responsibility for child welfare financing from the counties to the state. Before joining DCS, he was director of corporate finance and investment banking at Eli Lilly from 1998-2006.


Alley and Ashley will begin their new duties in early May.


The $206 million found this month was being distributed to counties last week. According to data from the state budget agency, Dearborn County will receive $584,198.33. Franklin County will get $638,581.98; Ripley County $672,479.72; Ohio County $75,830.20; and Switzerland $92,959.33. 




Accounting Error Shortchanges Counties $206M