New Mental Health Hospital Being Built In Indy

Posted On December 17, 2015

By Mike Perleberg


The Indiana Neuro-Diagnostic Institute is expected to open in Indianapolis in 2018. Photo by Indiana FSSA.

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – A new state hospital focusing on aiding Indiana’s mentally ill citizens is being built on Indianapolis’ east side.

Governor Mike Pence says the Indiana Neuro-Diagnostic Institute will create new options for treatment of mental health and become a key component of the state’s initiative to improve Indiana’s network of state-operated mental health facilities.

“This new institute will serve as the centerpiece of our ongoing commitment to improve mental health care and address the scourge of addictions in Indiana,” said Pence. “This new institute is another part of our strong commitment to improving health care in Indiana and to caring for our most vulnerable fellow citizens, including those living in poverty, with disabilities and impaired from psychiatric illnesses, brain diseases and addictions.”

Construction on the institute will begin next April with opening expected in 2018. It will have 159 beds, and will be designed to diagnose and treat up to 1,500 mentally ill patients a year.  It’s being built on the campus of Community East Hospital.

One of Indiana’s current mental health facilities, Larue Carter Hospital in Indianapolis, will be phased out of operation. The governor’s office said the new hospital will be better equipped to deliver evaluations and treatment for patients upon their arrival, then get them faster to the most appropriate treatment settings within the state’s mental health system.

Dr. John Wernert, Secretary of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, explained that the facility’s focus will be the precise diagnosis and assertive treatment of brain-based disorders. Those include acute and chronic mental illness, chronic addictions, intellectual and developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, neuro-degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease.

“FSSA is engaged in an ongoing effort to integrate the state’s mental health facilities and other elements of the public mental health system into a comprehensive, integrated mental health network. This new, cutting-edge neuro-diagnostic treatment center will complement the development of the state-operated facility network and significantly improve the quality of care.”

The institute will be operated in partnership with Community Health Network Indiana. Bryan Mills, president and CEO of the company, said there is a desperate need for those services.

“We are committed to training providers through our psychiatric residency program and we are honored to work with the state to provide cutting-edge services through the Indiana Neuro-Diagnostic Institute,” Mills said.

While welcoming news of the institute, Indiana Democrat Party chairman John Zody contended that Republican Governor Pence and Statehouse Republicans have been “late to the game on a number of crises facing Indiana.”


“It is a relief to see that mental health is receiving the attention it finally deserves. Statehouse Democrats have many times called for drastic improvements in our state’s mental health care system, including last session with HB 1552 which would have brought loan forgiveness incentives to physicians looking to open a mental health practice in Indiana. I hope the governor and Statehouse Republicans will continue to make this a priority,” Zody said.