Oldenburg Academy Hosts Guest Speakers For College To Career Readiness Program

Posted On November 06, 2017

Press release from Oldenburg Academy of the Immaculate Conception 

Katherine Strasemeier, who graduated from Oldenburg Academy in 2012, returned to speak about her career during Career Guest Speaker Week. Katherine works in the Febreze division of Proctor & Gamble. Photo provided.

(Oldenburg, Ind.) – As part of the Oldenburg Academy College to Career Readiness Program, Oldenburg Academy students had four days of Career Guest Speakers during the first annual “Career Guest Speaker Week” in October. During the Catholic college-preparatory high school’s REACH time, students spent 30 minutes listening to college-career guest speakers. Over 40 speakers joined the week. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, educators, pharmacists, athletic trainers and entrepreneurs were just a few of the professionals that shared thoughts with students.

Oldenburg Academy’s College to Career Readiness Program was launched this year, allowing all students to explore college-bound careers. The program entails a REACH time, where students spend 30 minutes a day doing things like Indiana Career Explorer, preparing for standardized tests, perfecting college applications and focusing on their future college-major and career choice. As freshmen, sophomores and juniors complete activities, they prepare for making an internship decision for their senior year. All OA students are placed in community-based internships, or are given a capstone project to participate in their senior year. Jonathon Maple, Assistant Principal, is in charge of the Career to College Readiness Program. He reports, “We are so pleased with the program so far – we know that we offer a strong college-preparatory curriculum, but we want to ensure that our students are entering college knowing their intended major and will be set up for success not only in college, but their career as well.”

Career Guest Speaker Week was just one of the many activities that students have participated in to further prepare them and excite them about their future. “It was a huge success – anytime that we can excite our students about their future, and give them memorable opportunities to learn from the community, we know it will have a lasting impact,” Maple said. Anyone who is interested in participating in the Oldenburg Academy Spring Career Guest Speaker Week can contact Jonathon Maple at jmaple@oldenburgacademy.org.