Obama’s Gay Marriage Comment Not Impacting Indiana

Posted On May 11, 2012

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – Indiana state lawmakers say comments this week by President Obama on gay marriage won’t change anything in the state. 


State Senator Jim Merritt (R-Indianapolis) says you won’t likely even hear about it during the state campaigns. 


“I think it will be a large campaign issue on the national scene, but I don’t think it will be a large campaign issue here,” said Merritt.


Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels said he’s disappointed in the timing of Obama’s comments. He wants politicians at the local and national level to not get into divisive social issues until the economy is fixed. 


“It’s an incredibly unfortunate thing to once again stir up something which Americans have a deep disagreement when we ought to be concentrating on those things that might bring us together,” the governor said.


It’s expected a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage will be approved by the Republican majority state legislature in 2013 and put on the ballot for Hoosiers to decide the issue in November 2014.


Indiana law already bans gay marriage.  The state constitution defines marriage is between one man and one woman.