ODNR Makes Arrests, Hands Out Tickets On The River

Posted On August 13, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

(Whitewater Township, Oh.) – A week after a large fight among canoers on the Whitewater River in Hamilton County, law enforcement flexed its muscle.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ divisions of watercraft and wildlife conducted saturation patrols on the Whitewater and Little Miami rivers. They were joined by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, Ohio Liquor Control, Harrison Police Department and Harrison Fire Department.

A number of citations were issued to people travelling down the rivers, including two drug arrests, according to ODNR public information officer Eileen Corson.

The following citations were also handed out:

Incapacitated operators (2)

Underage drinking (1)

Disorderly conduct (2)

Registration (1)

Stream litter (3)

Green Acres Canoe and Kayak Rental owner Dave Lutz told Eagle 99.3 last week that he expected the increased police presence after he reached out to the ODNR following a brawl on the Whitewater between two contingents of customers on Sunday, August 3.

Lutz said Green Acres will also do more to discourage underage drinking and bad behavior from customers of all ages.

“We want to nip this in the bud. We aren’t going to tolerate it anymore,” Lutz said.


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The canoe company's on the whitewater river should ALL be put out of business.

The river is being polluted and becoming unusable for fisherman because of the

high volume of canoes. They should only be allowed to be open on the weekend(prefer not at all)

and check all coolers and bags for drugs and alcohol.If anyone is under age or has illegal drugs fine or arrest them.No big deal to drink a few cold ones while enjoying the river if you are of age and have control of yourself.If the canoers don't have trash when they return fine them for littering and ban them from future trips. Keep it clean or don't use the river...


How funny that Dave Lutz now takes the high road by "reaching out to the ODNR! Dave has been letting underage canoers take alcohol on the river all summer. Good one Dave!!


All summer? He's allowed it for a decade.I have never been at Morgan's and seen any families on the river. It's mostly 20 somethings and their friends. He's going to lose a lot of business over this. Families won't come because of the reputation, and the rest of us don't want to deal with ONDR and all the new hassle.