Ohio Close To Banning Texting While Driving

Posted On May 04, 2012

(Columbus, Oh.) – Indiana and Kentucky have laws against texting while driving and Ohio could be next.


The state legislature in Columbus is currently weighing a proposal to ban texting for drivers of all ages. The bill passed the state Senate on a 25-8 vote Thursday, sending it to a conference committee where members of the House and Senate will compromise on a final bill.


According to the proposal, drivers younger than 18 cannot use any hand-held electronic device and makes it a primary offense. All other drivers would be banned from texting as a secondary offense, meaning an officer would have to stop a driver for another offense first before they could ticket the driver for texting.


Drivers caught in violation would face a first time fine of up to $150.


If the bill becomes law, Ohio would be the 38th state to ban texting while driving.