UPDATE: Ohio Co. Woman Accused Of Murdering Ex-Husband

Posted On June 03, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

Update posted at 17:47 p.m.:

Danielle Marie Green was arrested and charged with the May 26th murder of her husband in Ohio County on Tuesday, June 3. Mike Perleberg, Eagle 99.3

Danielle Marie Green was arrested and charged with the May 26th murder of her husband in Ohio County on Tuesday, June 3.
Mike Perleberg, Eagle 99.3

Attorneys for Danielle Green, the Ohio County woman accused of murdering her ex-husband, announced in court Tuesday that they are planning a battered spouse syndrome defense.

Indiana State Police announced the arrest of the 42-year-old Green Tuesday afternoon. Her ex-husband, Raymond Green, was found dead in a metal box at the estranged couple’s farm on Hartford Pike Road last Wednesday.

During Green’s initial hearing in Ohio Circuit Court, Judge James Humphrey ordered that she be held without bond. A pretrial and omnibus hearing was scheduled for July 25.

Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard told the judge that Raymond Green’s killing was not an act of self-defense, as she claimed to detectives.

“Evidence shows that to be contrary to the facts,” Negangard said.

According to the court affidavit detailing the Indiana State Police investigation, the accused and the victim resided in separate dwellings on the same farm. Raymond Green’s body was located in a large metal toolbox secured with a padlock near the mobile home where Danielle Green lived.


Detectives carrying out a missing person investigation smelled an odor of decay coming from the box and observed flies swarming around it, but Green would not give the authorities permission to search it. A search warrant was given on Wednesday, May 28 and the dead body was then found inside it.

An autopsy revealed that Green, who was employed as an over the road truck driver, had been shot ten times. He had five shots to the head and five more to the upper left side of his body.

During questioning, Danielle Green told investigators that on Monday, May 26 she shot Raymond. According to the affidavit, she said she found a .38 caliber handgun on the nightstand and emptied its five rounds when Raymond stated “I am going to kill you. You need to die” and lunged at her.

Green allegedly said she went to the opposite end of the trailer and reloaded the handgun. When she returned to the bedroom, Raymond was on the edge of the bed and stated “You need to die. Not me,” investigators claim. She said that he then lunged at her again, so she shot five more times and Raymond fell to the floor.

Further being questioned by state police detectives, Green said she put the body in the silver box. She admitted to cutting out the carpet where Raymond fell. Detectives noticed the smell of bleach in the trailer. The items used to clean were also placed in the box with the body.

“She stated that she locked the box because she was in fear for her life,” detectives wrote.

Green allegedly told others that her ex was deceased in the days before his body was discovered by police.

Negangard said in court that Green gave a slightly different version of events in a video recorded interview and reenactment at the trailer. He also noted that in March, Danielle Green performed various internet searches.

According to the court documents, those searches included the terms “headshot from .38 at close range”, “if you shoot someone with a .38 caliber handgun in the head is it lights out or possibly survive” and “what happens when you get shot in the head”. Websites she visited were titled “Let’s Talk Terminal Ballistics: Headshots”, “The Shooting of Trayvon Martin” and “How Did Gabrielle Giffords Survive a Shot in the Head”.

Green was represented at her initial court appearance by Lawrenceburg attorney David Zerbe. He told Humphrey that he would be raising battered spouse syndrome as a defense.

“It had been going on for years,” Zerbe said, but did not mention specifics adding that Green will present her case in due time.

Three friends of Danielle Green were in the courtroom. Afterwards, Lela Moore said the Greens had moved to Ohio County from Florida two years ago in order to care for Danielle’s parents, who were battling cancer. Her parents died within months of each other last year.

Moore said she and other friends are caring for Danielle Green’s horses. Green holds a masters degree in music education and teaches piano, according to Moore.

“I knew something horrible was going on,” Moore said.


Original story posted at 3:03 p.m.:

(Rising Sun, Ind.) – A woman has been charged with murdering her ex-husband and allegedly storing his body in a box as police searched for him.

Indiana State Police said last week that the body of Raymond Green, 62, of Ohio County, was found at a home on a large piece of property off the 9800 block of Hartford Pike Road. Officers had been called there to perform a welfare check on Green.

Officers were told by the resident and Green’s ex-wife, Danielle Green, that she didn’t know where he could be, says Indiana State Police Sgt. Noel Houze.

A missing person investigation began with multiple agencies involved. Investigators eventually gathered enough probable cause to obtain search warrants for various locations at the Green property.

That’s when Raymond Green’s body was discovered in a metal box on the property, Houze said.

An autopsy performed in Hamilton County indicated that Green had died of multiple gunshots.

Danielle Green, 42, was arrested Tuesday on a charge of Murder in Ohio County.

An initial hearing is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Tuesday in Ohio County Circuit Court.


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