Ohio Governor Grants Schools Four Extra Calamity Days

Posted On March 27, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

(Columbus, Oh.) – Ohio schools are getting four extra days they won’t have to make up due to an abundance of snow days this past winter.

Governor John Kasich signed a bill Wednesday giving school district four new calamity days, in addition to the five calamity days they receive each year. The governor and lawmakers felt the new law was necessary because of the especially harsh winter of 2014, which led to an excess of snow days across the state.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, school districts will first have to make up four snow days before they can tap the extra calamity days contained in the bill.

Districts can continue to make up missed days through by adding up to 30 minutes of extra time onto regularly-scheduled student days. The bill also allows for use of homework or online lessons specially designated on snow days.

Southwest Local Schools’ Board of Education approved a “blizzard bag” program last week.

Superintendent Chris Brown said teachers will develop about two days worth of coursework for students to complete online, or printed worksheets will be provided. Students will have 10 days to complete and turn in their “blizzard bag” assignments. If 80 percent of students turn in their assignments within the 10 day period, it will count as one complete school day.


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