Ohio Texting Bill Heads To Governor

Posted On May 15, 2012

(Columbus, Oh.) – Ohio lawmakers have passed a ban on texting and driving for all drivers.


The Ohio House passed the bill Tuesday afternoon, sending it to the desk of Governor John Kasich for signature. Kasich is expected to sign the bill into law.


Under the bill, drivers under 18 could not use any electronic device while at the wheel. It would also be a primary offense for teens.


Drivers over 18 would only be restricted from texting or e-mailing as a secondary offense, meaning law enforcement would first have to stop the driver for another reason such as speeding or an illegal turn.


First time offenders would face a fine up to $150. Subsequent offenses could double the fine to $300 and possibly a drivers license suspension.


If the bill becomes law, Ohio would join Indiana, Kentucky, and 26 other states with texting while driving laws.