ORSANCO Seeks Comment On River Pollution

Posted On May 15, 2012

Ohio River
(Erlanger, Ky.) – The public can weigh in on pollution control standards for the Ohio River.


The Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission is the river’s pollution watchdog. It includes representatives from each of the eight states bordering the river, as well as the federal government.


ORSANCO will have a public hearing on revised standards for wastewater discharge into the river. It will be June 19 at the Airport Holiday Inn, 1717 Airport Exchange  Blvd., Erlanger, Kentucky.


Online webinars are also scheduled May 24 and 30 at www.ORSANCO.org.


Interested parties can also write to ORSANCO, 5735 Kellogg Ave., Cincinnati, OH  45230, or call (513) 231-7719.