Partial Collapse Of Cincinnati Casino Injures 14

Posted On January 27, 2012

(Cincinnati, Oh.) – At least 14 people are injured after a partial collapse at the new casino being built in downtown Cincinnati.


At about 7:45 a.m., a beam supporting a level of the Horseshow Casino collapsed, injuring concrete workers.


“They were pouring a floor and one of the beams gave way. The floor collapsed going into a V. The workers were working on the floor so they basically rode the beam down as the floor collapsed,” said Cincinnati Fire Chief Richard Braun.


The 14 people injured were taken to area hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.


“They mainly seemed to be mostly bumps, bruises, possibly some broken bones, but we won’t know until they get to the hospitals,” Braun said.


All the workers at the construction site have been accounted for.


Roads around the casino have been closed.


There are four construction companies working on the $400 million project.