Phone Scam Reported In Dearborn Co.

Posted On December 09, 2011

Scam(Dillsboro, Ind.) – Dillsboro Police are putting out the word about a phone scam which several residents have reported.


Chief Ryan Brandt says the would-be victims receive a call on their cell phones from a person claiming they need personal bank account information in order to deposit a check. The scammer gives an excuse such as the person won a sweepstakes or there was an overpayment on a credit card.


There have been at least six Dearborn County residents to report the scam to police.


“If you provide any information, you will become a fraud victim,” Brandt said. “In most cases recovering your loss is almost impossible as these scams are being originated from overseas.”


Brandt says actual financial institutions and reputable businesses will never ask for confidential or banking information over the phone.


Most police agencies will advise if you receive a call you suspect of being a scam, just hang up.


“Fortunately the residents who received the phone calls were already well-informed in these types of scams and refused to provide any information preventing them from being a victim,” Brandt said.