Phone Scammer Makes Threats If IRS Debt Not Paid

Posted On August 05, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

phone-scam.jpg(Greendale, Ind.) – Greendale Police are putting the word out about a scam in which a verbally abusive caller makes threats in order to make would-be victims settle a fake IRS debt.

The calls are usually coming from a 202 area code number, which is Washington, D.C.  The foreign-sounding person on the other line has been using the name Kevin Anderson in local calls reported to police.

The caller asks the victim to settle the debt by putting money onto a pre-paid money card, then call them back with the card number, says Greendale Police Sgt. Kevin Turner. The scammer usually uses pressure tactics and often curses.

“The person will threaten to close bank accounts, seize houses, or file for a warrant on you.  The IRS will not do those things without hearings.  They will not take care of a tax debt over the phone,” Turner explains.

The scammer may call multiple times even over the period of a month.  Turner says to simply hang up on them immediately or do not answer if your caller ID shows a 202 area code.