Police: Driver Was Getting High Just Before Crash

Posted On February 27, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

Mataya Niccum
Dearborn County Sheriff’s Dept.

(Dillsboro, Ind.) – A woman is accused of smoking marijuana shortly before she crashed her car, sending her boyfriend to the hospital by aircare.

Mataya Niccum was charged February 14 in Dearborn County with OVI Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury (Class D felony), OVI with a Schedule I or II Controlled Substance Resulting In Serious Bodily Injury (Class D felony), OVI (Class A misdemeanor), and Possession of Marijuana (Class A misdemeanor).

On January 1, police responded to a crash on Lauman Road, according to a court affidavit. Niccum, 20, had been driving her white Dodge Neon when the vehicle went off the road. Her boyfriend and passenger, Spencer Johnson, suffered a fractured femur in the crash and was rushed to the hospital by aircare.

Deputies noticed the wrecked vehicle smelled of marijuana and found what appeared to be a marijuana seed in the back seat. Niccum allegedly admitted that she and Johnson had been smoking marijuana in the car just prior to the crash. She pulled a baggie containing a small amount of pot from her pants and gave it to the deputies.

Niccum was transported to Dearborn County Hospital for minor injuries and a blood test, the results of which were returned just before charges were filed.