Police: Mississippians Called Bomb Threat To Wrong Batesville HS

Posted On December 11, 2017

By Mike Perleberg

Batesville High School.

(Batesville, Ind.) – Phoning in a bomb threat to a school is not a smart thing to do.

But it may be even dumber when you call the threat in to the wrong school.

Batesville High School in Batesville, Indiana had to be placed on lockdown last Wednesday, December 6 after a bomb threat was received by telephone, according to a news release from Batesville Police Department on Monday.

Officers responded to the high school to investigate and search the building. They quickly determined that the phone call originated from Batesville, Mississippi.

Local police contacted law enforcement in Mississippi about the threat. The officers down south identified two male juveniles, ages 14 and 12, as the culprits.

The juveniles were arrested in Mississippi for Bomb Threat-felony and Harassing Phone Call-misdemeanor.

“The juveniles are suspects in other threatening and false reporting calls in Mississippi. The Indiana Batesville Police Department would like to thank the Mississippi Batesville Police Department for their quick response in locating and following up with the suspects,” said Batesville Police Major Brad Wessel.


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