Police Will Work Overtime To Patrol Roads

Posted On May 23, 2012

ISP(Versailles, Ind.) – Memorial Day weekend marks three days off work for many people, but not police.


The Indiana State Police at the Versailles Post and around the state will be working overtime to keep roads safe during the busy travel weekend which marks the start of the summer travel season.


There will be several federally funded traffic safety enforcement projects including Operation CARE (Combined Accident Reduction Effort) and SWDUIEP (Statewide Driving Under the Influence Enforcement Project). 


Troopers will focus their enforcement efforts on speeding, following too closely, unsafe lane changes, texting and driving, as well other aggressive driving behavior which leads to crashes.  They will also be on constant lookout for impaired drivers and they will strictly enforce Indiana’s seat belt and child restraint laws.


Also, motor carrier inspectors from the ISP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division will work extra hours to ensure commercial motor vehicles are operating safely.


Police in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky began participating in the “Click It or Ticket” seatbelt enforcement campaign May 18 through June 3.




Click It or Ticket Begins May 18