Poll: 64% In SEI Want Smoking Ban

Posted On March 05, 2012

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – A new poll from the American Cancer Society shows most people in southeast Indiana want a public smoking ban.


On Monday, the ACS’ Cancer Action Network released the poll showing 64 percent of likely May primary voters in House District 68 favor a law that would prohibit smoking in most public indoor spaces, including workplaces, public buildings, offices, restaurants and bars.


Thirty percent said they opposed a ban. Six percent were unsure.


When asked how important is it that the Indiana law have no exemptions, 55.1 percent of respondents said it was very important. Thirty-point-six percent said it was not very important and 14.3 percent said it was moderately important.


Most people agreed that secondhand smoke is a health hazard. Seventy-six percent of the respondents said it was a either a moderate or serious issue, twenty percent said it was a minor or non-issue, and four percent were either unsure or didn’t know.


House District 68, represented by Jud McMillin (R-Brookville), includes all of Switzerland and Ohio County, most of Dearborn County, and portions of Ripley County.


McMillin has said he opposes the smoking ban and voted against legislation in the House during the 2012 lawmaking session.


“I voted against this. I hate smoking and I think it’s a horrible decision for people to make and I wish I could wipe it out with a wave of my hand, but the fact of the matter is I hate government telling people what to do even more than I hate smoking,” McMillin said recently.


Indiana lawmakers are meeting Monday to discuss a compromise on the statewide smoking ban, House Bill 1149.


The legislation passed the Senate last week, but not before Senators made a number of changes and exemptions to water it down, including allowing smoking in bars which only allow people over 21.


A conference committee is meeting Monday in attempt to reach an agreement on a final version which could be sent to Governor Mitch Daniels for signature.




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