Poll Gives Leads To Bayh, Holcomb, Trump

Posted On August 18, 2016

By Mike Perleberg


Evan Bayh (left) and Todd Young (right) are running for Indiana’s U.S. Senate seat this November.

(Undated) – A new poll shows Democrat Evan Bayh leading Republican Todd Young in the race for Indiana’s U.S. Senate seat.

The Monmouth University poll give former governor and senator Bayh, who entered the race just over a month ago, with a 48 to 41 percent lead over congressman Young. Seven percent of voters were undecided. Four percent supported Libertarian candidate Lucy Brenton.

The poll, which has a 4.9 percent margin of error, surveyed 403 likely Indiana voters August 13-16.

While Bayh has a strong lead for a candidate who joined the race just four months out from the election, it is much closer than what Democrats internal polling has shown. The party, which is hoping to regain control of the U.S. Senate with November’s election, released polling last week showing Bayh with a 26 point lead over Young.

Young previously had a large advantage over the Democratic Party’s previous senate nominee, former southeast Indiana congressman Baron Hill. Hill bowed out of the race and was replaced on the Democratic ticket by Bayh.

CNN released a report earlier this week which deepend the question of whether Bayh is actually an Indiana resident. The Indianapolis Star also reported on Bayh’s work for Washington lobbying firms and how he may have profited with his Senate votes by being awarded corporate board positions.

“More and more Hoosiers are beginning to realize Evan Bayh has changed,” said Young campaign spokesman Jay Kenworthy. “He left Indiana and spent the last six years making millions to help special interests become more entrenched in Washington, and Hoosiers are ready to send a Marine like Todd Young to the Senate.”

The Monmouth poll also tracked the Indiana governor’s race, which shows Republican Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcomb with a 42 to 41 percent lead of Democrat John Gregg. This week, Cook Political Report designated the Indiana gubernatorial race as a toss-up.

Eric Holcomb for Indiana campaign manager Mike O’Brien said Hoosiers want a governor who will continue to build and grow Indiana.

“We can’t afford to go back in time to the days of debt and uncertainty,” O’Brien said, hinting at Gregg’s time as Indiana’s House Speaker. “We need proven and responsible Republican leadership to make Indiana the best place to live, work, play and stay.”

Democrats have been trying to tie Holcomb to current governor Mike Pence’s agenda, aspects of which have not sat well with many Hoosiers. John Zody, chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, said the Monmouth polls are good indications for the Democratic candidates.

“Mike Pence, Eric Holcomb, and Hoosier Republicans have placed their ideological agenda before anything else for far too long, and Hoosiers are fed up with it. This includes promoting a lagging economy where Hoosiers work more for less and passing tone-deaf laws like RFRA, which has crippled business and tarnished our state’s welcoming reputation. Hoosiers want to see our state head in a new direction where common sense and inclusion are above party agenda. The answer is John Gregg and Evan Bayh, who want to solve today’s problems facing Hoosier families while creating a state for all in the future,” Zody said in a statement.

Those polled by Monmouth were also asked about the presidential race. In Indiana, Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton 47 to 36 percent.


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