Poll Shows Most Hoosiers Oppose Right To Work

Posted On December 12, 2011

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – “Right to work” legislation is shaping up to be a hot-button issue in the Indiana Statehouse in January.


The Indiana State American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations commissioned a poll by Hart Research and Associates showing 47 percent of Indiana voters oppose right to work. The poll released December 7 counted 38 percent of Hoosiers supporting passage of a right to work bill.


Right to work legislation – measures to prohibit companies and unions from requiring non-union members to pay union fees – proposed in the state legislature last year prompted House Democrats to flee the state for five weeks to prevent the Republican-controlled chamber from having a vote on the issue.


Republican leaders in the Indiana House and Senate said right to work would be a top priority for lawmakers in 2012. The AFL-CIO’s poll showed 67 percent of Hoosiers disagree with the decision to make “right to work” their top priority and wish Republicans would move on to other issues. 


Among the Republicans in the poll, 59 percent supported right to work. Not surprisingly, Democrats were 72 percent opposed.

The poll which included 503 registered Indiana voters had a margin of error of 4.4 percent.


Indiana Chamber of Commerce president Kevin Brinegar blasted the AFL-CIO poll, claiming the questions were worded to elicit a certain response.


“We’ve scientifically polled this issue statewide five times over the past six years with a fair and objective question and found overwhelming overall support for right-to-work, ranging from 65% to 77%,” Brinegar said.


Governor Mitch Daniels could provide some important input in the right to work debate when he gives a speech on Friday detailing his wishes for the 2012 legislative session.




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