Pool Flasher Ordered To Serve Year In Jail

Posted On February 27, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

Steven D. Bachmann Dearborn County Sheriff's Department

Steven D. Bachmann
Dearborn County Sheriff’s Department

(Greendale, Ind.) – A plea and sentencing agreement has been reached by a man accused of exposing himself to lifeguards at the Greendale Pool.

Last July, Steven Bachmann was charged with two counts of Public Nudity (Class A misdemeanor). The 53-year-old would allegedly lure the female lifeguards into the men’s shower room at the pool, where he would be exposed. Such an incident allegedly happened on two occasions.

Bachmann pleaded guilty to the two misdemeanor counts in Dearborn Superior Court II on February 11. He was sentenced to a year in jail, followed by 305 days on in-home incarceration. He was given credit for six days served in jail following his arrest.

The judge also ordered Bachmann to have no contact with the two lifeguards. He has also been ordered to stay away from the Greendale Pool, of which he had been a frequent visitor.

Bachmann is also to have no contact with any non-biological child under the age of 16.


Police: Alleged Pool Flasher Lured Lifeguards





To have no contact with any non-biological child under 16... they failed to mention in the earlier story that the children seen with Steve at the pool were in fact his daughter and her friend. Go ahead Greendale, judge an outsider as cruelly as you want, it will come back to bite you. Continue to support a corrupt judicial system where prosecutor and judge are in fact linked through familial ties of friendship. Support a judge who claims, "Our Courts work for the people and the primary goal is making important decisions that affect the lives of those involved in Court proceedings.", but then fails to do her duty in looking for the innocence even among those who have been accused of doing wrong. While accusations are accusations, they do not automatically determine guilt. Where is the primary goal when looking at an accused and taking in to account the surroundings of the case? The effects an unfair and quick, without consideration, ruling has on those "involved in Court proceedings"? Look between the lines Dearborn County. Know who you are voting for, how they actually work. Do not proceed to stop your eyes at what you see plastered across campaign material. 

   My question to you is, how many in Greendale actually know the man pictured above? Who has carried a conversation with him? Who ever approached him at the pool where there were "many concerned parents" to confront him about what they supposed to be inappropriate behavior? Scared of new people, of anyone that didn't grow up with you, is this what the future of Greendale has to look forward to? Future generations that judge without reason, without knowledge of the truth? Generations that condemn a man for acting fatherly towards his own child and take a speculation of the worst and have it falsely acted upon? Can I get a show of hands (obviously not literally) of those who know what happened to the prosecutions case? Ask around. Ask about the doubt of the truth that came in to it directly from one of the filing plaintiffs. Ask why they completely changed their course of action.

   To now step down off of my soap box, I leave you with a final thought, if you were put in to a compromising situation where you were falsely accused of a crime and put before the fine courts of Dearborn County with Judge Sally Blankenship as your sitting judge, would you trust that the truth of your case would be sought after? Would you trust that your court system was doing it's job to deliver justice where it is deserved and declare innocence where it has always been?

  Thank you for reading and I hope this has stirred some thought within you.