Potential Pill Seller Reaches Plea Agreement; May Avoid Any Time In Jail

Posted On February 12, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

(Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – A local funeral director once accused of trying to sell prescription pills and carrying an unlicensed handgun has been ordered to go through a newly created drug treatment program.

Kristen Denney, of Lawrenceburg, allegedly arranged to sell 20 Oxycodone pills to a Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit confidential police informant for $600 in Greendale in April of 2012. Detectives moved in before Denney could sell the drugs to the informant, according to a court affidavit. A .45 caliber handgun for which Denney had no permit was later located in his vehicle.

The 38-year-old is a funeral director at Fitch-Denney Funeral Home in Greendale.

Denney pleaded guilty during his August 5 initial hearing in Dearborn Superior Court I to one of the three drug possession counts against him. On January 30th, Denney reached a new negotiated plea and sentencing agreement with prosecutors in Dearborn Superior Court II, pleading guilty to Possession of a Controlled Substance (Class D felony).

As part of the agreement, the military veteran has to complete a year on probation and complete the newly-created Dearborn County Veterans Treatment Court Program in Dearborn Superior Court I. If he completes the program successfully and complies with his probation, the possession charge will be dismissed, according to the agreement.

Surprisingly, there is no record of Denney being arrested or booked into jail following the 2012 drug bust. A search of records at the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center showed no indication of Denney going through the jail. No booking mugshot photo was available.

The lack of arrest raises questions whether such a practice is common for suspected drug dealers in Dearborn County.

Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard said Wednesday he thought Denney should have gone to jail at some point following the charges last August, but would have to look into the matter. The prosecutor added that a resolution to the case was worked out between the state and Denney’s attorney prior to the criminal charges being filed.

“The stakes are high for Kris. If he doesn’t complete that program he’ll go to jail,” Negangard said.

According to Negangard, Dearborn Superior Court I Judge Jonathan Cleary began work on the new Veterans Treatment Court Program last year in response to an influx of drug problems among area veterans. The treatment course is similar to the Accountability Change and Communication Court, or drug court, created five years ago by Cleary. Denney will be one of the first people to enter into the program.


Funeral Director Allegedly Attempted To Sell Pills



if that was someone he would be put in prison & thats how our system around here.Its who you know.


How can this not be looked into further. 3 counts of possession of controlled substance, and illegal possession of a firearm.  Why would it not have been Possession with intent to distribute, or sale of prescription drugs?   This was not a third person accusation it was Negangards Drug Task Force that was involved in person.  Then after they say they caught him red handed in the act, Negangard drops 3 of the 4 Felony charges, and takes a plea for possession?  Quite sure many others wonder if this is a clear case of friends of Negangard.  Oh and by the way don't take him to jail for mug shot and finger prints and no bond is required??  Lastly lets allow him to be the first person in our new Veterans Drug Court, so we can sweep it all under the rug.  By the way, this Veterans court was not even available when he was charged, but wait long enough and we will create something to help our good old buddies.  This is Negangard to a tee.  What a joke the prosecutors office is. He should change his name to NeganGOD....


Amazing how you can make a drug deal in Dearborn County and also have an unregistered gun and not EVER see the inside of a jail cell.......Just goes to show if you have MONEY and THE RIGHT NAME you get away with ANYTHING!!!  Dearborn County needs to be investigated in my opinion.


Wow; using irrelevant "veteran" status to cover up political corruption in dearborn county..  No arrest after being caught trafficking... Yeah.. we know Nenengard; Cleary; Blankenship.. Your time is gonna come