Report: Dearborn Co. Has Health Challenges

Posted On June 01, 2012

Health(Dearborn County, Ind.) – A new study shows areas in which Dearborn County could improve its overall health.


The group Health Care Access Now released its “A.I.M. for Better Health Community Health Needs Assessment” on Thursday. Their report provides detailed health status information, as well as recommendations for action around the findings in seven southwest Ohio and two southeast Indiana counties.


In Dearborn County, 47 residents completed the CHNA Community Health Survey, and 10 service providers participated in a CHNA Group Level Assessment. Most respondents were female (83 percent), white (94 percent), married (70 percent) and parents of children under 18 (60 percent), and about half were employed full time.


Dearborn County’s biggest health care challenge is a lack of integration among providers and services. Other challenges included:


Lack of means for consumers to pay for health care, resulting from poverty and/or being uninsured and underinsured.


Lack of providers’ acceptance of Medicaid and Medicare patients.


Lack of dental, primary and psychiatric care in the county.


Lack of prevention efforts by consumers


According to the report, 83 percent of Dearborn County adults have health insurance coverage. About 20 percent delayed medical care because they needed money for food, clothing, or housing. About 36 percent delayed dental care.


Thirty percent of area adults smoke and 29 percent are obese. About 20 percent of Dearborn County adults delayed medical care because they needed money for food, clothing, or housing.


The next step in the assessment process is a series of community forums, which will begin the action planning process. The forum for Dearborn and Ripley counties is scheduled on Tuesday, June 12, at 6:30 p.m. at the Southeastern Indiana YMCA in Batesville.


The entire CHNA report can be viewed online at http://www.gchc.org/newsletter/Community_Health_Needs_Assessment.pdf.