Report Tornado Damage To Emergency Management Agency

Posted On October 12, 2017

By Mike Perleberg

Radar image from the moments a tornado touched down near Sunman on Saturday, October 7. Photo by National Weather Service.

(Dearborn County, Ind.) – If you experienced property damage from a tornado that touched down in Dearborn County, you are asked to report it.

Dearborn County Emergency Management Agency Director Jason Sullivan has asked affected property owners to contact his office to report their damage from a tornado that touched down near Sunman this past Saturday night, October 7.

“We would like to take time to remind the citizens and officials of Dearborn County that it is very important if you receive structural damage to your property to please let us know as soon as safely possible,” said Sullivan.

Dearborn County Emergency Management can be contacted by phone at (812) 537-3971 or by emailing ema -at- dearborncounty.in.gov.

The EF-0 tornado confirmed Wednesday by the National Weather Service had winds of up to 70 MPH. It was strong enough to knock down trees, overturn a truck, and damage buildings over a 2.7 mile path in Ripley and Dearborn counties.

“We would like to thank The National Weather Service in being a great partner for us and coming out to complete a storm survey,” Sullivan said.


Weather Service Confirms Tornado Near Sunman