Report: Woman’s Skull Found In Bag

Posted On April 11, 2013
Katelyn Markham

(Cedar Grove, Ind.) – Now that police and relatives know she is dead, the question remains: How did Katelyn Markham die?


The 21-year-old Fairfield woman’s remains were found in Big Cedar Creek near Cedar Grove on Sunday. Markham had been missing since August 13, 2011.


Indiana State Police investigators used dental-record comparisons to determine that the remains were Markham’s. Now, police are investigating how Markham died, and who may be responsible.


The man who found the body spoke to WLWT-TV Thursday. Andy Hicks was collecting scrap metal along Big Cedar Creek when he came across a jaw bone. He then found a skull inside a Kroger bag and other bones nearby.


Hicks doesn’t believe anybody tried to conceal Markham’s body.


Texas Equusearch conducted several searches for Markham following her sudden disappearance. Dave Rader with Equusearch told the Cincinnati Enquirer that Markham’s father has been an emotional wreck since the remains were ID’ed as his daughter.


Markham’s fiancé John Carter told the newspaper that he feels “ripped in half.”


Anybody with information regarding the Markham case is asked to call the Indiana State Police at (812) 689-5000, Fairfield Police at (513) 867-6094 or Crime Stoppers at (513) 352-3040. 




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