Retired Teachers Offer Current Teachers $500 Grant

Posted On February 19, 2014

Press release from Dearborn County Retired Teachers Association

chalkboard-apple-chalk-teacher-school-classroom-01252012-small.jpg(Dearborn County, Ind.) – Applications for the annual $500 Dearborn County Retired Teachers’ Educator Grant/Award are now being sought.  These are available at the local schools or by contacting Foundation Chair Betty Bourquein, 934-4454.

Creative and innovative teaching which impacts the most students in our county are the two major criteria for the award.  The retired teachers have supported the active teachers in our county for the last five years with this opportunity and have been impressed with the quality of the applications which they have received.  A lot of good teaching is being done in Dearborn County.

The teacher must apply or be nominated by a colleague, administrator, or parent.  The winning application then is selected anonymously at a general meeting of the retired teachers.  Receipts must be presented in order to obtain the money to be used in the classroom.  None of the money is used for personal use.

Last year the Dearborn County Retired Teacher Foundation  applied for and received its  501 (c ) 3 non-profit status;  however, this cost almost as much as the annual award.  If there are those in the community who would like to help with this worthwhile tax-deductible project, checks can be sent to the Dearborn County Retired Teachers Foundation.  Contact information is available by calling 934-4454.

Participation by the teachers and support from the community are greatly appreciated.