“Right To Sunscreen” Bill Passes Indiana Legislature

Posted On February 20, 2018

By Mike Perleberg

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – School kids in Indiana are a signature away from being able to use sunscreen at school without a doctor’s note.

The House approved Senate Bill 24, which is being called the ‘Right to Sunscreen’ law, on a 94-2 vote Monday.

Most Indiana lawmakers didn’t realize that federal rules require schools to treat all products with ‘FDA regulated ingredients’ as medicine. That includes sunscreen.

The new law says kids can use sunscreen as they see fit at school. It also allows school personnel to assist a student in applying the sunscreen if the school has written permission from the student’s parent or guardian. Schools are given certain civil immunity for any action taken to comply with the new law.

The bill is one of the first to be sent to the governor’s desk this legislative session.