Right To Work Bill Passed By Senate Committee

Posted On January 09, 2012

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – It’s not yet known if Indiana House Democrats will turn up to work this week after missing the first three days of the session last week trying to kill right to work legislation. 


A state Senate committee voted 6-4 to pass the measure to the full Senate despite one Republican joining Democrats to vote against it. The measure is likely to pass the Republican-controlled Senate.


House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) told reporters the bill could get a committee in the House this week, with a full House vote as soon as Friday.


That’s if Democrats return to work. The issue was so divisive in last year’s session that House Democrats left the state for several weeks and only returned when Bosma agreed to pull it off the table. 


However, this year there are new rules in place that would fine any lawmaker $1,000 a day after missing more than three days of session.


If House Bill 1001 becomes law, it would make Indiana the country’s 23rd right to work state, meaning companies and labor unions would not be allowed to form contracts requiring non-union employees to pay fees.


Opponents title the issue “right to work for less,” claiming such legislation lowers wages.


Meanwhile, the political fight in Indiana over making the state a right to work state has the attention of the NFL Players Association. 


In a statement, the players’ union calls it a political ploy by Republicans and says the political bickering ahead of the Super Bowl at Lucas Oil Stadium may harm the state’s image.




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