Right To Work May Be On Daniels’ Christmas List

Posted On November 30, 2011

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels will reveal his legislative agenda in a speech planned for December 16.


Meeting with reporters Tuesday, the governor would not tip off reporters on what his priorities will be for the 2012 legislative session.


Republican leaders of the Indiana House and Senate said earlier this month that making Indiana a “right to work” state will be their top initiative when lawmakers convene in January.


Daniels said he’s been studying the issue and believes it could help lure new jobs to Indiana.


“In this national economy we need absolutely every edge we can get to bring the middle-class jobs here that are in short supply all over the country,” Daniels said, according to the Northwest Indiana Times. “We’ve got to continue to look for things that might make us more attractive.”


“Right to work” proved to be a divisive topic in the 2011 session. House Democrats left the state for five weeks to prevent a vote on a bill.


The governor is also expected to put local government reform near the top of the legislative wish list for 2012.




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