Ripley Co. Deputy Gets CSI Certification

Posted On July 10, 2012

Press release from the Ripley County Sheriff’s Office



Jason Dickerson

(Versailles, Ind.) – Deputy Jason Dickerson, employed with the Ripley County Sheriff’s Office recently attended a four week, 140 hour intensive instruction in forensic crime scene investigation designed to establish advanced competency in the discipline of crime scene processing.


Deputy Dickerson received instruction in topics that included: legal aspects of physical evidence, crime scene management, theory and techniques of crime scene search, photography, and video taping the crime scene, crime scene sketching, the collection of blood, serological fluids and materials, trace evidence, and the collection of firearms and tool mark evidence.


Instruction also focused on fingerprint processing and recovery, casting and lifting impressions.


Forensic disciplines of entomology, anthropology, and blood flight interpretation, along with autopsy protocol were also covered in the instruction.


Additionally, submissions of evidence to the laboratory, courtroom testimony, and the ethical issues pertaining to crime scene integrity, evidence recovery, and evidence handling were addressed.


Upon returning from the training, Deputy Dickerson has “hit the ground running” processing burglary scenes, stolen vehicles, meth labs, and most recently assisted the Indiana State Fire Marshal’s Office with an alleged arson scene.


This is yet another advancement of the Sheriff’s Office as they continue to provide the best possible service to community.


If you have any information that would help the sheriff’s office in solving crime, please call 812.689.5558, or 812.689.5555 anytime.   You can remain anonymous.