Rising Sun Schools Calculate New Math Requirement

Posted On August 22, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

Rising Sun High School file photo

Rising Sun High School
file photo

(Rising Sun, Ind.) – Rising Sun-Ohio County Community Schools are subtracting from the amount of math credits a high school student must have to graduate.

The Board of School Trustees met Tuesday and voted unanimously to reduce the high school requirement of four years of math to just three years, says superintendent Branden Roeder. The change will go into effect starting in the 2015-2016 school year.

“We were above and beyond what we needed. The state says only three years of math is needed to be eligible for the Core 40,” Roeder said.

College bound students will still be able to take four years of math if they desire.

Roeder said the school district is going to survey parents and students to learn exactly what math classes will be offered. He expects to deliver the survey results to the school board in December.

Relaxing the minimum math requirement to fall in line with many other school districts could aid in boosting Rising Sun High School’s graduation rate.

In April, the Indiana Department of Education released 2013 graduation rate data for individual high schools across the state. It stated that Rising Sun High School’s graduation rate was the lowest in the state at 65.5 percent, but Roeder says that the IDOE has admitted that the number was not correct. Rising Sun’s true graduation rate for 2013 was in the 80 percent range, according to the superintendent.


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