Road Safety Advocates Push For Tougher Safe Driving Laws

Posted On February 12, 2018

By Travis Thayer

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – A group called Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety have some ideas on how to make Indiana roads safer.

Last week, the group gave Indiana a “C” for safer driving laws, or the lack thereof.

The road safety advocates say Indiana needs tougher motorcycle helmet law and a new law that requires kids to be in booster seats. Advocates also believe Indiana should consider placing breathalyzers in the vehicles of Hoosiers convicted of drunk driving.

Advocates say enacting these types of laws could cut down on roadway fatalities.

According to the 2018 Roadmap of State Highway Safety Laws, there were 821 fatalities on Hoosier roadways in 2016. Over the past 10 years, 7,860 people have died in car accidents statewide.

The report also shows the annual economic cost of motor vehicle crashes is $6.3 billion.