Robo-Call Reports Fall Sharply In Indiana

Posted On May 16, 2014

By Mike Perleberg

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – Indiana homes and businesses are receiving far fewer automated calls from telemarketers, says Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller.

Zoeller announced Friday that new complaint data shows his office has received about 550 complaints per month regarding robo-calls. That’s down from about 1,000 such complaints each month two years ago.

“While it is good news that there are fewer complaints of robocallers, it’s clear that more must be done,” Zoeller said. “Each year the largest category of complaints with my office still involve violations of the no call law and robocall statute. I know Hoosiers are frustrated and that’s why we are dedicated to curbing these types of calls.”

So far this year, the attorney general’s office has received nearly 4,000 Do Not Call complaints involving either a live operator or a prerecorded message.

Zoeller has been a strong proponent of measures to further discourage telemarketers from ignoring the Do Not Call list. He joined with Missouri’s attorney general last month to hold the first national No-Call Law Enforcement Summit aimed at helping state and federal agencies identify best practices for stopping unwanted calls and prosecuting violators.

Indiana residents have until the quarterly deadline of Tuesday, May 20 to add their phone number to the Do Not Call list. Land line, cell phone, VOIP, and prepaid wireless numbers can all be added to the list.

Individuals do not need to re-register unless their address has changed. To sign up or to confirm a number is already on the list, visit www.IndianaConsumer.com or call 1.888.834.9969. Out-of-state area codes can also be added as long as the billing address is located in Indiana.