Roeder Still Winner After Rising Sun Recount

Posted On December 08, 2011
Bill Marksberry and Branden Roeder

(Rising Sun, Ind.) – After a four and a half hour recount Wednesday, the outcome of the race for Rising Sun mayor did not change.


A recount of all ballots in Rising Sun was held at the Ohio County Courthouse.


Republican Branden Roeder, 29, won on Election Day, November 8 over Democrat Bill Marksberry by five votes. Marksberry petitioned for a recount because of the paper thin margin.


After yesterday’s recount, the differential shrank to just three votes, but Roeder remained the winner.


“I’m glad it came out the way it did,” Roeder said to nobody’s surprise.


There was one point during the recount where an absentee ballot where lawyers for each candidate argued whether to count a particular absentee ballot. The voter had submitted the ballot during early voting, but decided it had been marked incorrectly. That voter was advised to cast another ballot on Election Day and the absentee ballot would be cancelled, however, the voter did not go to the poll for a second ballot on Election Day.


After 45 minutes of arguments, the lawyers agreed to count the absentee ballot which went in Roeder’s favor.


Some provisional ballots were also thrown out – three for Roeder and one for Marksberry were discounted.


With the election now behind him, Roeder says he can fully concentrate on preparing to take the Mayor’s Office January 1.


“I’ve been going through training. I’m attending mayor school today with the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns in Indianapolis,” Roeder said Thursday morning.


Roeder met with Rising Sun City Council and Ohio County Council after Wednesday’s recount.


“I’ve had meetings every night since the election.” He said.


Marksberry, the eight year incumbent mayor, told Eagle 99.3 he accepts the recount results.


“I wish Branden Roeder and the new councilman the best of luck. We made a lot of progress in eight years and I hope they continue that,” Marksberry said.


Marksberry’s final city council meeting will be Tuesday, December 20.


“I’ll continue to take my mayor duties seriously all the way until my term ends December 31 at midnight,” he said.


Although he’ll now have more time for his wife, children, and grandkids, Marksberry did not rule out a return to local politics.


“There might be a county seat opening up soon. You never know.”




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