S-D Schools May Begin Full-Day Kindergarten

Posted On April 24, 2012

(St. Leon, Ind.) – Like most other districts in Indiana, Sunman-Dearborn Community Schools may start full-day kindergarten next school year.


Earlier this year, Indiana lawmakers approved full funding for free full day kindergarten to any Hoosier family that wants it. The law provides each public school district or charter school $2,400 per kindergartener.


School districts must apply for a grant in order to receive the funding. Sunman-Dearborn has not yet applied, Superintendent Jeff Hendrix said.


The Sunman-Dearborn Community Schools Board of Trustees is inviting any interested community members or parents to give their input on full day kindergarten.


The meeting will be Thursday, May 3 at 7:00 p.m. at East Central High School.


According to a 2004 report from the state Center for Evaluation and Education Policy, full day kindergarten is shown both nationally and in the state to have a wide range of positive outcomes, including increased student achievement and social and behavioral development.