Senate Passes Origins of Life Bill

Posted On February 01, 2012

(Indianapolis, Ind.) – The creationism in schools bill has passed the Indiana Senate.


If Senate Bill 89 becomes law, Indiana schools would have the option to teach creationism theories from Christianity, Judaism, and other religions in science or social studies class.


The Senate voted 28-22 to approve the bill. It now goes to the House.


“Most Indiana Hoosiers and most American citizens still believe in creation by God,” bill author Sen. Dennis Kruse said during debate.


The bill originally stated that schools could opt to teach the Christian theory of creation, but was amended by State Sen. Vi Simpson (D-Bloomington) in the Senate to include several other religions – including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Scientology – so that it might pass constitutional requirements to not endorse a specific religion.


Simpson voted against the bill she amended.


Other Senators voting against the proposal raised concerns that it may still not be constitutional, setting up potential lawsuits for school districts who decide to teach creationism.